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Honolulu+HI+Hawaii review

As far as the setting goes, their logistics can be described as "Yes

Both of the things mentioned above (teleportation networks and infinite mana loops) also means that they don't need to worry about logistics. " They are (the DL's army, at least) also seemingly masters of PR, information warfare, spying, and basically everything else with the exception of things like cooking and maybe art (humans are better there due to having a longer cultural history with those).

Speaking of her, she's on the monster's side and is outright supportive of people and monsters simply coming back to life as undead, which makes things rather complicated as she runs the only afterlife known to exist in MGE, which is the one where everybody goes to. Basically, monsters run the afterlife and can come back from death as undead at their leisure, after that they can come and go from the afterlife to the living world and vice-versa with ease.

Then it comes to the powers all monsters have, the list is immense and keeps growing with every new book (seriously, it feels like monsters get half a dozen new powers every new release), so I will just leave this post I made some time ago, though it's now outdated.