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Consequently, we have been producing confirmation a requirement for spiders in 100 or more computers. Until your robot try verified, you won't have the ability to grow past 100 computers. In case the bot is in more than 100 hosts, it won't be capable join anymore.

We observe that it is a significant difference, therefore we’re instituting a 6 period deprecation cycle ending on October 7, 2020 to get anyone verified that fits the requirements. Until that time, no limits can be enforced.

After are verified, both you and your other team members will get a Verified creator badge in your dissension users, as identification of one's triumph as designers on dissension. Their bot will even was given a Verified check tag, showing you’re truly the only you!

Just how do I beginning the process?

At once to the bot’s options page in Developer Portal. On top of that web page is going to be a banner with directions on exactly how to get going. This technique is currently available for bots in 75 or higher hosts, to permit builders to preemptively use.

Just how long can it decide to try see validated?

When you submit a confirmation request, a person will look at your distribution and acquire back to you.

From today till the deadline of October 7, 2020, while no limitations are being implemented, we shall focus on a five business day turnaround time for every confirmation demands. During this period cycle, we shall estimate our processes to ensure we are able to agree to quicker recovery era following deprecation period is finished. Please keep in mind the increase of verification desires that individuals will receive while in the preliminary roll-out.